Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Answer To Our Life"

[one of bsb's bests]
You see me sitting here, a smile upon my face
The time has come but you know that it's not too late
There's been too many things, together we have seen
It's not that hard if we start to believe
And we're not gonna take anymore
Can we try to erase all the pain
So please
Show me a reason, give me a sign
Tell me the way we, fall out of line
Is it today or is it tonight?
We'll find, the answer to our life

This world is not at ease, we seem to hide the truth
Thinking there's only so much we can really do
It's up to you and me, to face our destiny
The jury's here so let's take the stand
And we're not gonna take anymore
Can we try to erase all the pain
So Please
Show me a reason, give me a sign
Tell me the way we, fall out of line
Is it today or is it tonight?
We'll find, the answer to our life

Tell me why we have to cry
And not try
When there's so many things we can do
To help this troubled world start a new
I need a reason, I need a sign
There's no turning back I'm here by your side
Is it today or maybe tonight?
We'll find
The answer to our life....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

bindasss jinekaaa.... :D

Why is it that people say, "I’ll treat them as they treat me?" Rather, WHEN is it that people say so? There’s this saturation point in everybody’s patience levels. When we reach this point, we care the least about other’s feelings and care the most about ours. You’ll meet millions of people in your life. You’ve been meeting new people each day right from the day you were born. You met your siblings, uncles and aunts after your parents. You grew up and met new teachers after passing each class in school. You had new friends in each class you went ahead, though you had this set of friends which was common throughout your school life. Maybe you changed your Best friend nominees each year. Some of you even got the privilege of having new Best friend every year ;) (we were kids way back then! ) and it was alright and too innocent of us to do that.
However there’s a sound reason behind it. After some point of time, people start bothering your patience. Each new person you meet is different from you in many ways. You have to sit with some of them in your class in school, you have to share your tiffin with a few of them, you share your bike with them in college as you are neighbours, you share your room with them as you’re roommates in the darned hostels :), you share the common office email groups as you (unfortunately) work in the same team!
You have to adjust in life is what your parents teach you, referring to your siblings as well as your friends. You do that all your life. You adjusted with the not-so-cool classmate in school, you adjusted with the not-so-kind-&-polite bike partner (we call them petrol-partners! In short, PPs), you adjusted with your rude, insane & impulsive roommate, you even adjusted with everyone weird at your workplace, but where does this lead you to? At the end of the day, deep inside, you really feel like kicking their a**es and staying happy and gay! Why do we need to be polite, why do we not care, why do we not make them realize they’re wrong, and irritating, and silly, and childish. You feel, and some of you even follow "I’ll behave, the way they behave with me!", "I’ll treat them as they treat me". "only that’ll show them how pathetically wrong they usually be!"
But is this going to take you anywhere!? Ask yourself when you decide on such things! Its worthless to spend your li’l usable mind on people like this, and on planning how to behave with people like this! Everybody has their own limited time in life. Spend it on something fruitful. You were not sent to give brains to others! Make the best out of your time. There are many things in you that are yet to be rectified. Better not find faults in others n try to solve them. Rather, study yourself and spend your precious time on yourself. Now don’t become self-centered in the process. The point is, there’s no use treating people bad just because they treat you bad. No use being childish and stupid to people to prove that they’re being childish and stupid. They’ll grow up on their own. You can just pray that they grow up Soon :P
Don’t let your mind get all pissed off just cause the other person is unbearable!.... don’t bear him damn it! :) Leave him. He’ll grow up soon and come back to you someday when you’ll smile at him, just like the way you did, while he was busy showing his immature behavior and traits :)

Goin Home - III

Big brothers are real hitlers in your lives. Hah! If He reads this, its gonna be another War! :P They’re great buddies when really in mood and always the protective types! Esp for sisters, these elder brothers are like more-than-dads most of the times! (More than dads! Hah! That reminds me of their dominance conflicts! :P) Its great to have big brothers though! The grass is always greener on the other side so we do feel at times, "I wish I had a sis, wish I had a younger bro, . . ." But I personally feel, a big bro and a li’l sis is the best combination ever! The silly tiffs, the silly arguments, the silly competitions on eating, studying, getting a bike earlier than the other and the list goes on. . .!
Those days were fun indeed. I really miss those days when we fought for silly little things; comparing things and each other. Here, away from home, I can only recall a bit from the blurred memories and can smile. Whatever may be the intensity of a big bro’s anger or "hitlerity", its always fun to spend time and recall the time spent, together. I’ll cherish those beautiful moments with all of my loved ones always. Well, it’s getting too nostalgic!!
But then, on your way back home, the fourteen hours that you get shouldn’t be wasted in sleeping or worrying about the stuff currently going on in life! This time, that you get is priceless, on way, in train, between your hostel and the home-sweet-home. It’s a beautiful time and way to give some time to the thoughts related to your loved ones.
While in hostel, you’re busy hanging up their calls because of your busy schedules (of the hell you live in). I made a lot of this time that I got here, in the train, lying on the upper berth, carrying on with things to add to my "Contemplation".
If ever, you guys go through such weird nostalgic sessions, do give the thoughts a bit of time. Moreover, let "them"’ know you love and care! Letting them know is something very important and a very precious feeling for them. Keep loving. You have loads of love in your heart. Let it out for everyone around! Stay :) !!

Goin' Home - II

Papas need no description. The coolest person in family. Fun to be with. Hardly cares about the li’l stuff around! By the way I never understand why there’s a bitter chemistry between a son and his dad. Think about it! You’ll see this very often!!! I’ve seen this in many homes!! As usual, my head has no other sane job to do but analyse such baseless things going around!
Well, donno what’s it that controls the chemistry between a son and his dad. What I feel is, being two males of the same family, they can’t digest dominance of the other! This is about adults not kiddos! There’s this li’l generation gap as the sons love to call it. I feel, its all about the ego. They get this superiority feeling (the sons) and do not find the ol’ papas brainy enough to understand the stuff around and end up calling it the gen-gap!
It might be that gap factor, but being a person very concerned about the relations and stuff, I think it’s useless to call it a gap and to find yourself better! Instead fill the gap guys by li’l efforts of yours and make things better for both the parties!! By the way, guys of course share this very good rapport with their pops at times, but then, life’s not always Raj and Pops of DDLJ :P
Weird "mentality" stuff and all that! All I believe in is "love, respect and worship your parents." This might seem like a Karan Johar movie script. But then, my head keeps making me filmy’er by the day!

Goin' Home... :)

Nothing beats the excitement of going HOME :) The last exam is the subject that suffers the most! And to add to it, we had a holiday before the last paper. Well, you can imagine how the day must’ve gone. The very thought of going home is something that traps you from all the directions and wouldn’t let you go! Studying becomes out of scope! Believe me! But then, that’s relative. It happens with nutcases like me each time I go home!
That feeling of meeting those who you love the most after yourself (now don’t get me started on the selfishness :P )!! Meeting Mom. The warmest and the most soft-hearted person in your life! Hugging her, sleeping with your head on her lap, getting pampered after the long while that you’d been away from her (she misses you equally! Rather more! :))
A Mom is someone who would always be an exception to my previous, lengthy and silly theories of selfishness. Well, its clich├ęd now, but true; and I lOve repeating truths :) You never know! It might open the eyes of at least one of the thousands reading it! :P "A mom can never be selfish. Never. She’ll be thinking of you even at her toughest times!" Even if she’s counting the last few breaths of her life, she’d be wondering how your life’s gonna be then and would be wishing great happiness for you." That’s a mom. :)
Anyways, coming back to my selfishness ;). I love getting pampered by mum on going home. Eating that heavenly food for which you cribbed all your (quarter) life! Well, that’s one of the most important things that calls you home in that excitement phase! The other important things include, your bed, your room, your tv, your bike, your bf/gf, your fav hangout places, and the list goes on.
I don’t mind dedicating a couple of posts to my dear loved ones!! It’ll be too long though, so I better fragment it down. Have already started with mom, my best friend, the best person I know on earth. And the following posts wouls include few interesting facts about pops, and bros, too :P