Saturday, June 13, 2009

Positivity Takes Will

We meet thousands of people each year. And it’s for sure that everybody has some impact on you. Some first impressions are correct, while some change with time.

You’re born empty-handed, and would leave this world in the same way. However, in the meanwhile, all that happens is give and take.

Everything happening to you is your fate, every person you meet around was meant to, as per your fate…

Then, if everything’s so well planned by the God Almighty, what do you have to do about it? Let the days pass by as they come? No! in this give-and-take, there should be more Give Than Take from your side. You have to pass on one simple message to every person you meet ever!... And that li’l message is Positivity…

Has somebody ever said to you, “You can say it easily, but it takes guts to face it boss!” Well, it isn’t really too difficult when something wrong is happening around you.

It has to happen as it’s your fate. What’s difficult actually is not just to face it, but to face it Positively!

Of people who commit suicides are probably the ones with too high guts, but those guts could’ve been used for something better, for life….maybe that’s why most of us consider them as weak… All that they ever went wrong in, was the way of Facing it. It was not POSITIVE…that’s the word!

That’s the word in my appeal that I would want Everyone to cling on to forever.

It is indeed difficult to take things positively as they come, when you’re in deep s**t. Only people outside can suggest you to do that, never your own self! But I would say, give it a try…

“Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive!!” is something I’d once heard, and is true indeed. When you’re not gonna get outta it alive, why the fuss about the petty things!

What issues might you have in life?? :-

# I don’t like this thing about him/her? (You cant help it boss! It’s you who are related to him/her ultimately, and besides, you are not perfect either!)

# I don’t like the way life is treating me!! (Boss! It’s your life, treat it the way you want it to be!! Life treats you the way you treat yourself!!)

# I don’t know why my life’s going on the wrong way!!? (If you know what’s wrong and which way is right, go ahead!! Don’t whine)

# I don’t know what fate has in store for me ahead!:( (You don’t need to know it anyway! Do what makes you happy! Even if you tumble down you’ll know why you did!)

Pass on the positivity to everyone you meet…

Sick of your boss? Can't help, join elsewhere or try to have fun at his back, yet keep him all flattered and buttered up & happy… :P

Confused about your career? You know very well, what all you Can't be doing, and Don’t!! :P

Pissed off with the interference of your beloved/relatives? Well it’s in their name, ‘loved’ & ‘relate’!! Try whatever, you can’t live smiling without them! …

So no fuss, no negativity! Nothing is of use! Things are meant to happen! They will! All You need to do is be more positive. All it takes is your will!

Enjoy every moment!

Do what you REALLY feel like doing!

Don’t stop yourself as long as it doesn’t harm any other living being!

Most important of all, Keep :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saala main toh saab ban gaya! (Dedicated to all the working guys around!)

You stay so stuck up and busy in your tight schedules all week! The one day that you get free on weekends is spent at home, relaxing, giving yourself a good break! Ever wondered who all are actually left in your life lately? Your colleagues, boss, husband/wife, bf/gf and rarely maybe even your parents! Just a handful of people if you really count. And what kinda time do you spend with them? Few minutes of the day? And that too in either a bit of absent-mindedness, or an over-occupied mind, tensed brains, low attention, and what not! Is that all you have for them?

Your work does turn out to be something that keeps you away from them, even when you’re around them. Yet, at the end of the day, you are found cursing your jobs for not giving you what you wanted from them! Ever thought of those loved ones who do not get what they want from you! Have they ever cursed you for it!?

The question is, is the pain worth it? If yes, then go for it! Your job is gonna suck bigtime, forever!!! Don’t waste what you have for others while engaged in that!! :P At least they deserve much more than what they’re getting right now!!

Recall that day when you were ill and your mum was there by your side all day all night! It might be a highly clich├ęd example but it speaks a lot! She would leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of you! She might fall ill, you might seem snappy at times, you might’ve hurt her by your words, yet you can always count on her and be sure of that one backup of yours! And that is what I would call as an “unconditional love”. I just love the phrase! So pure and selfless in itself!

Anyway, try it out guys! For once at least! This week, take your work as lightly as you can…leave everything related to work in your office premises when you leave for home in the evening…come home with a smile, spend some quality time with all of those handful lovely people…With no thoughts of your blood-sucking work, your plans…Just embrace them for the rest of the time you’ve got and see the difference. Not only in them, but in yourself too!
Call your old friends up, who have been in your “contacts” list for a long while now and have lost in the blur memories. There is enough time if you are really willing to make up to things…
Love...! Unconditionally! :)

A Few Random thoughts...

Does our real strength lie in others? Or is it just hidden inside us and we need that kick to realize it? It happens several times that you have thousands of questions in your mind and you’re looking for their answers and find none! Then maybe someday you discuss a few things with someone and suddenly get apparent answers to your questions. Does someone’s support have such a big impact on you?

Well, even if it IS so, one shouldn’t mind! Doesn’t make you any smaller taking help! The point is, are you weak at introspection that only a push given by someone else makes you work on things!? Do they need to remind you of your strengths? Or do you get THAT busy with your schedule that you can’t get time out for yourself and the days pass by in the flow, week by week!?

Like the several bailouts going on around, I think each one of us also seeks a stimulus package in times of our own recession! :) The fact is, we indeed are strong enough. We’ve heard this umpteen number of times that “God gives us problems, but also gives us the strength to deal with them!”.

The difference lies in realizing your strengths. We often get weaker on seeing consequent problems in life, unaware of the fact that we surely can handle them well!

i've met people who very well know what is to be done in life furthur, in order to improve it, to take it ahead, to give others, to get and what not. and YET i've seen them doing nothing about it. They started working on those things only after getting that nod from their friends and those much-imp-Shoulders around!!

By the way, there’s a great importance of the person coming in such difficult times to give you a shoulder to cry on or a pep talk when it’s the most required! Believe it or not, everyone around seeks for one such person…someone to confide in…

Love all, share your thoughts with others, be there for others and life would get so much more content!!!